Reporting Absences or Tardiness

Regular attendance is essential for successful progress in your child's educational program. A child should be in school every day he/she is physically able to attend. When a student misses school, he/she could be missing the introduction and/or development of necessary skills.

When your child is unable to attend school, a parent or guardian is required to notify the office before 8:35 A.M. Parents should call the attendance line at 604-4700 (Press 1 to reach the attendance hotline) to report their child's absence. Please call every day that your child will be out. This is also the time to request homework for missed daily assignments. Remember to turn all doctor medical & dental doctor’s excuses into the office.

If no call is received the office will contact the parent/guardian of the absent child and the absence will become unexcused. We encourage you to call as soon as you know your child will be absent.